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Saran Industries is highly recognized for being a full-service, reliable and resourceful service provider for various applications. In addition to Shot Blasting, Shot Peening, Vibratory Finishing, Casting Impregnation, Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection, Leak Testing, we also offer; Deburring, Grinding, Warehousing, Part/Dunnage Washing, Trimming and Subassembly. Our versatility allows us to tailor our processes to meet your needs.

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Surface Finishing Services and Custom Processing of forgings, castings and machined parts

Saran Industries has long been recognized as a prominent leader and a full-service supplier in the industrial finishing and custom processing of forgings, castings and machined parts. For more than 40 years, we have earned a reputation as a full-service, reliable and resourceful service provider, using extensive process controls to ensure that we maintain consistency, repeatability and uniformity with a full spectrum of surface preparation processes, including:

Our size, structure, and capabilities allow us to be very responsive to client needs, which is particularly important during prototyping, or when small quantities of samples require surface preparation or testing.

With a wide array of equipment, we are able to handle a broad variety of projects and specific needs, and to quickly adjust to your changing business requirements. Our proximity to several major interstates makes it easier for us to serve customers across a wide area while minimizing the amount of time your parts are in transit.


Saran Industries has earned ISO9001:2000 certification, providing independent evidence of our quality control efforts. We also have a comprehensive preventative maintenance system to ensure that all of our equipment performs efficiently, so we can maintain our level of quality and meet our customers' production schedules.

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